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Recent Developments

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Singing In The Rain

Brayden is set to play Don Lockwood in Lancaster Bible College's socially distanced production of Singing In The Rain. This is sure to be a fun and exciting project, as recent developments indicate a nationally acclaimed director and regionally commended choreographer have recently signed contracts to join the creative team. This will be Brayden's last show at LBC, so he is going to give this role everything he has to go out with a bang! Find tickets at

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Brayden Krikke is on track to graduate from Lancaster Bible College in May of 2021. He will be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, as well as a Bible Studies degree. After graduation, Brayden plans to continue learning his craft however he can. He also will be auditioning in the Lancaster region until the Covid crisis is solved. After that, he plans to put his degree to the test by moving to either New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

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